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Mike Garcia, Founder of The Healthy Chocolate Head Quarters in Redondo Beach serves Belgian dark chocolate Products.The healthy weight loss Chocolate Xocai is the ultimate Cocoa indulgence. It is Vegan, caffeine and gluten free. This is the highest antioxidant food on Earth. What makes Xocai chocolate different than almost everything else on the market is the fact that it is made from unprocessed cocoa. What this means is that the cocoa beans have not been heated and they therefore retain more of the natural antioxidant properties. The cocoa is combined with freeze-dried acai berry and blueberry and is sweetened with raw cane juice crystals. It is 100% natural and that means that all the good things about chocolate, such as the rich flavonoids and antioxidants are still in the chocolate. The Xocai Healthy Chocolate Head Quarters in Redondo Beach, California is the first of it’s kind building which serves dark belgian chocolate Xocai in southern California.

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Join the Healthy dark belgium Chocolate Tasting Event every Wednesday Night @ 7:00 pm at The Healthy Chocolate Head Quarters in Redondo Beach. ALL chocolate lovers are invited to experience a unique Chocolate Tasting Event featuring our cold pressed dark belgium  Chocolate sensation with acai berries. We Hope you will consider attending this special event: The Chocolate meet up tasting event in Redondo Beach – Los Angeles.

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“There are also opportunities for business as a distributor awaiting anyone who’s interested.   We encourages you to call or email us and find out more about these amazing chocolate products.”

ALL MXI Xocai Chocolate products are tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories, the leading commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stressMXI Corp ™ and their manufacturer of raw, unprocessed cocoa invented a patented “Cold Press Process” in the creation of dark Belgian Chocolate, which keeps ALLthe antioxidants, flavonoids and nutrients intact. We call it Xocai ™ Chocolate!Xocai ™ also combines pure, unprocessed, non-alkalized, flavanol rich cocoa from the Ivory Coast with the world’s #2 highest rated antioxidant; the Acai Berry superfood from the Amazon Rain Forest resulting in a product that has a higher antioxidant level of any plant or fruit known to man, with amazing health benefits!      —>   Xoçai – The Facts

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