Xocai Peanut Butter Cup

Sure there are healthy snack options out there, but most of these don’t satisfy the “sweet tooth” cravings most of us experience. Healthy snack foods typically don’t offer a delicious, rich tasting treat. Until now! Introducing the Xocai Peanut Butter Cup. With all the great tasting health benefits of Xocai healthy chocolate, the original healthy chocolate peanut butter cup is a luxurious, irresistible and health-promoting snacking experience that joins Xocai nuggets as a healthy alternative.

ORACfn Score: 9,898

PB CUP QUICK FACTS — Xocai’s High Protein, World’s First Healthy Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup (PB CUP by Jeanette Brooks) Has Amazing New High Antioxidant Technology that will Completely Change the MLM Industry

The NEW Xocai High Protein, High Antioxidant, Decadent Milk Chocolate PB CUP is is Revolutionary!